Resource Hub is a place where you can fullfill all of your Academic needs concerned with your syllabus.


Resource Hub is a resourceful website where you can find classnotes, textbooks and any other resource you need, to do well in your examinations. This has been introduced with the prime motive of relieving the students of the undue tension that engrosses them during exam time. Instead of running here and there collecting the photographs of the notes of your studious friend or lining up at the Xerox shops one day before the exam to collect the handouts, the students can now just log in to this website and get access to all the material they require to get through the exam next day. All the notes have been clearly hand written and hence you neednot worry about the quality of the picture. Not only would it help you clear the exam, it would also help you to get yourself prepped for competitive exams like the GATE. All the materials will be uploaded in the Portable Document Format(PDF).

    In short,Here you can find:




    *Previous Year Question Papers