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Motivation behind the development of this page :
When I was selected for pursuing our engineering degree, I was quite excited and had already fascinated about the various subjects I would have and the interesting manner in which I would be taught them. But after joining here, I realised that engineering curriculam was not our cup of tea. The first thing that any company/research institute sees about your profile, is your GPA. GPAs play an important role in giving you the right start, irrespective of where you want to go after graduating. I realised it quite late, but do not want our beloved juniors from suffering and then regretting like me. Since class notes and textbooks are almost everything you need to excel in the grade sheets, I thought of launching this resourcehub so that people could get access to the valuable resources any time.


If you have any ideas or suggestions on how I could improve this website or if you have some resources which are not present here and can help your friends ,then feel free to drop a mail or contact me.Come froward to help your beloved friends and juniors.


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